In this article, well be exploring some of the best psytrance festivals in the world and what makes them so special. Save Sherbourne PS Explorer session 3 - Story Time to your collection. Psychedelic Culture. Its a celebration of music and culture, with a great party atmosphere and a diverse crowd. If you are interested, feel free to contact us ! Uplifting trance, is a subgenre of trance that incorporates more elaborate melodies and more attractive riffs, generally making use of arpeggios and producing a euphoric sound. The festivals usually take place on large outdoor venues and feature multiple stages that showcase a variety of electronic music, such as psytrance, techno, chillout, and more. He is an active environmentalist and performs concerts to foster awareness for saving ecosystems and wildlife. Your festival will be listed in the MUSHROOM FESTIVAL MAP. The festival is an exciting blend of music, art and culture, with over 200 DJs and live acts performing over the four days. The culture remains strongest on the east coast, principally Melbourne, S.E QLD and Cairns [] FESTIVALS VISIT FESTIVALMAP These are often psytrance festivals in Australia, but have increasingly been including much more house, techno, live music, and other genres as well. Featuring more than 100 producers, bands and DJ's across five unique stages, the festival's musical lineup now showcases a wide variety of genres. Explore all upcoming psy-trance events in Rostock, find information & tickets for upcoming psy-trance events happening in Rostock. Celebrating art with music, and bringing colors to the world. The Magic Garden Festival Vol.4 - Community Connection Portal Sun, May 28, 3:00 PM We are looking for passionate writers who love psytrance and showcase your love of psytrance to our community! Antaris Project is one of the best festivals in Germany because it offers a unique combination of music, arts, and culture. The 15 Best Music Festivals in Asia: Enjoy Music & Culture. Known as the festival that sees out the summer, this festival welcomes 15,000 guests every year. Welcome to the North American Psytrance Festival Guide 2020. Australia has been at the forefront of this type of festival, throwing them in many different states and many different sizes. We are looking for passionate writers who love psytrance and showcase your love of psytrance to our community! It showcases a variety of local and international performers, including established and emerging artists. If you are looking for a unique experience in India, then the Hill Top Festival should definitely be on your list. Psytrance is a type of electronic dance music that originated in the late 1980s and early 1990s in Goa, India. DANCE UNDER THE ECLIPSED SUN - original Latinamrican art, music, indigeneity and nature experience, Twisted Frequency Festival is a core event within the New Zealand outdoor festival scene and the countrys longest running underground electronic music festival, Make Your Transition - Fullmoon Open Air Trance Experience - Natural Park Doana, South Spain, Energy and communication flow in a retro-futuristic way - in the middel of Nature sourrounded by a refreshing lake, This is a confirmed date according to the organizer, Hai in den Mai 2023 Germany 04.05.2023, Transahara Festival 2023 Morocco 04.05.2023, Organik Festival 2023 South Africa 05.05.2023, Summer Opening 2023 Germany 06.05.2023, Earth Frequency Festival 2023 Australia 12.05.2023, Hitech Universe Open Air Festival 2023 Germany 13.05.2023, Herrentags Open Air 2023 Germany 18.05.2023, Kinetic Fire Festival 2023 United States 18.05.2023, Son libre Festival 2023 France 19.05.2023, E-Trip Psychedelic Era 9 Anos 2023 Brazil 20.05.2023, Fenix Festival 2023 Czech Republic 25.05.2023, Lalanda Open Air 2023 Germany 25.05.2023, Millsime Festival 2023 France 26.05.2023, Psychedelic Experience 2023 Germany 01.06.2023, Butterfly Effect 2023 United Kingdom 02.06.2023, Pulsar Festival VII 2023 Brazil 08.06.2023, Spirit Base Festival 2023 Czech Republic 08.06.2023, Love and Trance Festival 2023 Germany 08.06.2023, Endless Summer Opening 2023 Germany 10.06.2023, Outdoor Selection Open Air Festival 2023 Switzerland 10.06.2023, ForRest Explosion S.N.T Sommernachtztraum Festival 2023 Germany 15.06.2023, Atlas Gathering 2023 Italy 15.06.2023, Grne Sonne Festival 2023 Germany 17.06.2023, Burning Mountain Festival 2023 Switzerland 22.06.2023, Aymon Festival 2023 Bulgaria 22.06.2023, Antaris Project 2023 Germany 23.06.2023, Ethereal Decibel Open Air Festival 2023 France 23.06.2023, XXXperience Festival Edio Especial 27 Anos 2023 Brazil 24.06.2023, Reisefieber Festival 2023 Switzerland 30.06.2023, Solar Seeds in Transylvania 2023 Romania 01.07.2023, Masters of Puppets Festival 2023 Czech Republic 03.07.2023, Noisily Festival of Music & Arts 2023 United Kingdom 06.07.2023, Nataraja Psychedelic Gathering 2023 France 06.07.2023, Orange Sun Festival 2023 Germany 07.07.2023, Magic Festival presents: Church of Techno 2023 Netherlands 08.07.2023, Funny Moon Festival 2023 Czech Republic 10.07.2023, Shankra Festival 2023 Switzerland 12.07.2023, Yaga Gathering Festival 2023 Lithuania 13.07.2023, Sea You Beach Republic Raumklang Stage 2023 Germany 14.07.2023, Sea You Beach Republic 2023 Germany 14.07.2023, HIVE Festival 2023 Germany 14.07.2023, Chill Out Planet Festival 2023 Russia 18.07.2023, Elysium Island Festival 2023 Serbia 20.07.2023, * lalafestival * 2023 Germany 20.07.2023, Boom Festival 2023 Portugal 20.07.2023, VooV Experience 2023 Germany 21.07.2023, Kosmos Festival 2023 Finland 21.07.2023, Habitat Festival 2023 Germany 22.07.2023, Halkidiki Dance Festival 2023 Greece 22.07.2023, BACHBLYTEN FESTIVAL 2023 Germany 28.07.2023, Traumwelten Open Air 2023 Germany 28.07.2023, ECITON Gathering 2023 France 28.07.2023, OZORA Festival 2023 Hungary 31.07.2023, Mozamboogy 2023 Mozambique 03.08.2023, Summer Dream Festival 2023 Germany 04.08.2023, Mo:Dem Festival 2023 (Momento Demento) Croatia 07.08.2023, Apsara Festival 2023 Hungary 09.08.2023, Waldfrieden Wonderland Festival 2023 Germany 10.08.2023, Ancient Trance Festival 2023 Germany 10.08.2023, Waha Festival 2023 Romania 10.08.2023, INSANE Festival 2023 France 10.08.2023, SonneMondSterne XXV Festival 2023 Germany 11.08.2023, Halkidiki Dance Festival 2023 Greece 11.08.2023, New Healing Festival 2023 Germany 14.08.2023, Oasis of Initiation 2023 Germany 17.08.2023, Hadra Trance Festival France 24.08.2023, Digital Forest Festival 2023 Czech Republic 24.08.2023, Aura Open Air Festival 2023 Spain 24.08.2023, Indian Spirit Open Air 2023 Germany 30.08.2023, Free Earth Festival 2023 Greece 30.08.2023, Evolution Festival 2023 Germany 31.08.2023, Sacred Earth Open-Air 2023 United States 01.09.2023, Space Safari Festival 2023 Belgium 01.09.2023, Insomnia Electronic Music & Arts Festival 2023 Portugal 01.09.2023, Timeless Festival 2023 Canada 01.09.2023, Own Spirit Festival 2023 Spain 06.09.2023, Modular Festival 2023 Switzerland 07.09.2023, Camakavum Festival 2023 Germany 08.09.2023, Mushroom Valley 2023 Australia 15.09.2023, Goa Creams 7th Edition 2023 United Kingdom 15.09.2023, Tribal Gathering 2023 Panama 10.10.2023, Antigravity Festival 2020 Australia 19.10.2023, AUM New Years Festival 2023/ 2024 New Zealand 30.12.2023, Twisted Frequency Festival 2023/2024 New Zealand 30.12.2023, Shankra Festival 2024 Sri Lanka 12.02.2024, Transition Festival 2024 Spain 07.05.2024, Anthropos Festival 2024 United Kingdom 23.05.2024, Unity Gathering 2024 Poland 20.06.2024, ZNA Gathering 2024 Portugal 14.07.2024. They have implemented a waste management system and a recycling system to reduce environmental impact. In 2022, Mushroom Valley Festival will celebrate its 10th anniversary! The music caters for a more mainstream crowd. Our team is made up of avid festival goers who live and breathe music festivals and we want you to be a part of it! The festival also has a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, with people from all walks of life coming together to celebrate. You are a festival organizer? Join. Bush doofs usually feature decorations, lights, and art installations, and may also include camping, markets, and other activities. While North America isnt particularly known for trance parties, Eclipse Festival have been around for more than 15 years and are worthy of adding to your bucket list. It has been running since 2015 and has quickly become one of the most popular music festivals in the region. Your festival will be listed in the MUSHROOM FESTIVAL MAP. The "psy" comes from "psychedelic"but not in the way that psych rock or meditative music is psychedelic. Psystrance festivals define what psytrance music really is and bring to light aspects of the music that are rather difficult to deduce from the recorded music. Find basic info on festivals, plan the perfect holiday citytrip and share the experience with same minded people worldwide. Some examples include full on, darkpsy, forest, minimal (Zenonesque), hitech psy, progressive, suomi, psy-chill, psycore (fusion of psychedelic trance and hardcore), psybient (fusion of psychedelic trance and ambient), psybreaks, or "adapted" tracks from other music genres. A talented artist that has captured the magnificent moments of many psytrance festivals around the world. Seasoned Exodus: The Exile Mosaic of Psyculture. For more information, please see our 2. 3 days open air Festival Situated by the Balaton Uplands National Park it runs entirely on renewable solar energy, and was the first carbon neutral festival in Europe. The festival takes place on the picturesque Azapiko Beach in Sithonias wild west. Thats exactly what The Experience Festival is! Psytrance festivals usually include live performances, DJs, and other activities such as workshops, seminars, and art installations. The festival is also known for its colorful decorations, which help to create an immersive and unique experience for the attendees. Below you can find an updated list of future and past Psychedelic Festivals and related events. Mannheim Events MAGIC MEN AUSTRALIA IN MUNICH GERMANY - MAY 10, 2O24; 1. sziget has a ambient / downtempo stage and we appreciate it. [13], Psychedelic trance has a distinctive, energetic sound that tends to be faster than other forms of trance or techno music with tempos generally ranging from 135 to 150 BPM but some psytrance songs can also reach 190BPM, 200bpm, 210bpm and even 300bpm. If you are an organizer and want to change the entry please CONTACT us. psytrance festivals listing event submission form Featured Psychedelic Festivals 2023 Waha Festival (Romania) Funny Moon Gathering 2023 (Czech Republic) Free Earth Festival (Greece) Own Spirit festival (Spain) Hadra Trance Festival (France) your ad could be here contacts us Psytrance Festivals calendar Psychedelic Trance Festivals 2023 NOTES RAVE presented by RUBIX. The festival also has a unique vibrancy, thanks to the combination of music, art, and fashion. The four-day event focuses on arts, education and healing and combines the best of transformational festivals, tribal gatherings, doofs and boutique festivals to create the ultimate weekend experience. there is festival in Nepal the peace one oct 15,16 and 17(near pokhara you must join us):)positive vibe peace buddha, Why Sziget is on the list? Kosmos is the Gathering of Electronic Tribes. The festival was founded in 2006 and has become one of the biggest music festivals in the country, drawing in thousands of visitors each year. Psytrance is a type of electronic dance music that originated in the late 1980s and early 1990s in Goa, India. It has been certified eco-friendly since its inception, and it has become a leader in green events and festivals. Psytrance festivals usually include live performances, DJs, and other activities such as workshops, seminars, and art installations. Save Lethbridge - Secret Handicap to your collection. Its definitely a festival you should check out if youre in Brazil. Ranging from mountains to deserts and jungles to oceans. 34. Save The Magic Garden Festival Vol.4 - Community Connection Portal to your collection. Hadra Trance Festival is an annual electronic music festival held in France, near the Swiss border. PREVIOUS YEARS. Coming from humble beginnings, Organik has quietly grown into one of Cape Towns most respected festivals. By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. VooV Experience is considered by many to be responsible for the spread of Psy-Trance throughout Europe. I've been wondering how people balance their 9 to 5 jobs with festivals. The Rainbow Serpent Festival may have started as psytrance focused music fest over a decade ago, but has continually reinvented itself over the years. 600 people from 40 countries provided detailed information via an online questionnaire. Theres something for everyone, from drum circles and workshops on meditation to performances from some of the biggest names in the music industry. Sorry, this post was deleted by the person who originally posted it. As the scene grew bigger, Goa-style parties spread like a diaspora all over the world from 1993. Celebrating life, love, sharing and healing by bringing people together to co-create a transformative experience through Music, Art and Dance. The festival is an important part of the culture and identity of the local indigenous people in Mexico City. Psychedelic trance tracks tend to be six to ten minutes long. It features some of the best music acts from around the world, as well as a selection of activities and experiences for all ages. Save Kiss + Tell presents. Save Subculture Festival Australia 2023 to your collection. Tribal Reunion was created by the community, for the community. Posted by 3 years ago. Earth Frequency Festival is an annual music, arts and environment festival in South-East Queensland, Australia. The Study That Uses Math to Explain Geometric Hallucinations, Study Finds Magic Mushrooms Could Be a Cure for Migraine, The Definitive Guide to Celebrating Bicycle Day 2023. The event also provides a great opportunity for locals and visitors alike to explore the culture and history of Cape Town. It hasnt taken place since the pandemic, but were hoping for the event to return in 2022. #Blastoyz #ElementsFestival #Psytrance Blastoyz @ Elements Festival, Australia 2021 (Full Set Movie) 34,805 views Premiered Nov 16, 2021 1.1K Dislike Share Save Blastoyz 357K subscribers . "Redefining the Ancient Tribal Ritual for the 21st Century". Miss Farina, Sasha Fern + Supports, An essential guide for therapists who are setting up a private practice, Geelong Information Lecture: A Path to a Healthy Body and Soul. Just ignore it if you are not interested. Its a perfect location for a psytrance festival! It will take you on a voyage through space, hyperspace and the dreamtime. Miss Farina, Sasha Fern + Supports to your collection. The psytrance festival in Oz has developed into one of the most highly regarded in the world. Rainbow Festival - Australia 2016 Trancentral January 19, 2016. Dutch legend Armin van Buuren will headline the 2023 edition of Transmission Australia. Due to the restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the festival dates may be postponed. Here are 10 psytrance festivals to look for 2021! check it out here , and feel welcome to be part of it : It will help you to easily find all psychedelic trance and transformation festivals in your area. 15 days ago. Always pleasant, professional, consistent and reliable :). At the core of the festival is a celebration of music, arts and culture. , weve shortlisted some of the best for you to attend below. A subreddit for goa and psychedelic trance culture related links and discussion. Envision Festival. Save HAPTIC PRES. By 199091 Goa was beginning to attract attention and had become a popular destination for partying. Community. . 2 talking about this. You can sort this table by preessing column titles. Save Sherbourne PS Explorer session 3 - Story Time to your collection. Five days of music, art and community in the beautiful Golden Bay region. daily source of chillout, psychill, psybient, ambient, psydub, dub, psystep, downtempo, world, ethnic, idm, meditative and other mind expanding music and events. HMF is one of the most ecstatic and most-visited Psy festivals in India. We help you romoting your psytrance festival in our Flying service and Marketing Web Agency ! MFW's Psytrance music festival guide and calendar will help you find your perfect fest! So if youre looking for a wild and memorable weekend of music and dancing, look no further than these amazing psytrance festivals. [19] The genre is also known for different alternative names used in different time periods, the earliest developments of the genre within ambient house and chill-out music scenes were known as psychill, psychedelic chillout, psy chillout, the later works within goa trance and psychedelic trance scenes are known as ambient psytrance or ambient goa. VooV Festival is one of the most renowned music festivals in Germany. Goa trance preceded psytrance; when digital media became more commonly used psytrance evolved.

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